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 Didn't know that title to put so i put the title Potter from a song by Anderson Counsel. 

i just noticed that all the posts i made (as minimal as they are), are so boring. hah, they aren't interesting. they are 4 paragraphs about me whining about things. how profound. aaaaaanyways, i've been home alone for 2 weeks and still got 2 more to go! wooh. i like not having my parents around once in a while.

for the last month i've been wanting to talk about a lot of things that i have formed my opinion on, but i'm afraid that it's so much and i don't know how to possibly write it all down! but hey, this was pointless. just wanted to come in and say hi :)

omg! i just remembered that i have another online journal! no way! i made it like 2 years ago on blogger. oh my lands, gonna go delete that now. bye.

my best friend fell asleep on my bed

 so i decided that i wanted to post... today school started again and it was my first day as a senior!! this year is going to be SO amazing but it's going to go by quick. right when i notice i'll be packing my bags for california. i think that moving to CA will be one of the hardest things ill ever have to do. the people that matter the most are here, i've learned to live without the others. and i don't want to go through that depression of missing my best friend, it's going to be rough. but my dreams wont come true here, my dreams are from the city and LA will give them to me, or well, i'll find them sooner or later. i know that everyone goes to LA to be successful and most of them fail, and all of them say that they are gonna make it and have the good life. but they are different... i've been creating these ideas all my life and i can't wait to get out and start making them happen.
yesterday a friend said "gabi, you're going to go so far in life" and honestly, that was on of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me. it feels nice when people believe in you, and there aren't many times where i feel that people believe in me. when they do, it makes me want to not let them down. i won't. and i met paramore on thursday, that was very humbling like, everything felt at my finger tips. the managers, the production the stage the crowd, the fans, the sweat. it was all so tangible and now i'm more sure than ever that i want to study music business. so far, theres nothing i don't like about it. and then again, i haven't seen it all. but i know it's amazing, i just know it.
days have been boring, life has been boring. the only thing exciting was the pmore show and that passed... i'm not sad, just blank. and i'll probably sound negative in my posts because this is the place where i allow myself to be negative. because i've promised myself that i always want to smile and be happy around people, i want them to feel positive when they are with me. so i don't let myself get negative around people, it's a waste of time to be negative. so i get out my depressions and hurts in a blog no one reads. i'd like to believe that people read this, it would be kinda cool. but it doesn't matter anyways because i love to blog. and i was just thinking, isn't blogging so self centered??! i mean, the world is fascinated with talking about their lives. what they are doing, who they know, how they feel... they write about it because they think it gives them this sence of importance when people read it or put a "like" on facebook. and that is ridiculous!! people compete with who has the most followers on social websites because they want to feel like people care. and i think thats the most ridiculous thing ever. the world has become a ME ME ME place. and what i hate the most is that i'm a part of it. i like to talk about myself, i like for people to read what i have to say.. hell, that's why i'm right here writing on LJ. and its really stupid.. i'd like to think that i can get away with words enough so people enjoy what i read. but i'm probably like every other teenager on this planet, with a lot to say and a link to put it in.

theres no moral to this post, i just felt like writing and thinking a little bit. and another thing, i need to look for a vocal coach, because the one i used to have class with can't anymore. so i'm looking around for a teacher. i need to keep singing, it's so important. it's the thing that gives me self esteem, if someday something happens to my vocal chords, God knows i'd fall in a major depression.

"Give me a year, and i'll sell out the Madison Square Garden" - justin bieber. that little kid did it, people make fun of him but he's good. he's got it. and so what if his voice is higher than mine, he's making millions by sounding like a girl. heck, i wouldn't mind being him.

Bored and its 5am

 It's 4:45am and i need to get up at 9:30 for church.
I never post things on LJ, i just have it to post comments on the paramore community and such. But i decided that i want to write things here. Im not gonna promote it or anything, its like a diary but if anyone finds it, i dont mind them reading.

Lately i've been tired. its summer vacation and my friends just dont call me very often to hang out. im not sad, just tired and uninspired. What keeps me fueled is that im seeing paramore in 19 days!!! i can't believe im almost there. it's been 4 long years of waiting and supporting this band. They announce the M&G on valentines day. I guess that gives me something to look forward to, since valentines day is lame to me. maybes cause i've never had one. but i think, if you love someone, you need to show your love very single day! not just on february 14th. to me holidays such as this one are created for card companies to sell a shit load and for people to spend money. it's pointless!! but hey, im sure that whenever i have a boyfriend, i'll buy him shit on valentines day. Cause im cheesy.

i wasnt gonna post originally. in fact, i never even enter my profile! but i came in because i need to change my display picture! i've had it ever since i created this account. but i don't have any cool pictures.

anyways, theres not much to say. its almost 5am and all i can think of is how i need to be up in 4 hours. And whats on my mind is how i need to finish my paramore letter. Its 6 pages long and there are still things i need to write down. but im an expert on rambling, so its hard for me to end the letter, i always want to add more. But anyways, time will force me to end it. And i hope hayley likes it. its for the whole band but im giving it to her. 

i've been thinking about college a lot... i want to be in California SO fucking bad. and i still have my senior year ahead of me. but i wanna be off to college. i want to be succesful in my career. i want to tour i want to be around music!!! i feel like im wasting time living here and going to crappy high school. IM NOT GETTING ANYWHERE! but at the same time it's necesary. first comes high school then comes college. Rules of the jungle.

So to end this, im sure not one single person out of the 6 billion people on this planet will read this.
but hey, i like writing things down. And someday i'll be someone important and you'll be wishing you had read this. haha whatever.


ps: i didn't proof read. so im sure some things dont even make sence. my brain is going in circles.


I don´t know much about this LJ thing. I never though id want to write in it or be intrigued. But since i don´t really know what to do. Once in a while i´ll just write about things in life and how i see them. So if anyone would care to read, i´ll be more than willing to write.




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